Organizing Your Bedrooms and Closets

Is your bedroom or closet a hot mess? Or do you just need a reset after a chaotic time in your life? Our team of bedroom and closet organization specialists will dial you in. We declutter, sort, categorize, and organize your bedroom and closet in a way that makes sense with your lifestyle. We’ll even teach you how to file-fold your clothes and maintain your system. Start with a consultation today.


I needed major help with our master closet organization. I had reached out over the weekend and they had gotten back to me immediately. They did such an amazingly thorough job! I’m in awe every time I walk into my closet now. Everything is color-coordinated and in its “spot”.

~ Mercy, Rancho Santa Fe

She and Stephanie did a really nice job getting my closet in order. I can easily locate all my clothes, shoes, and purses and no longer have piles of unwanted (or forgotten things on the floor). I feel so much more “grown up” walking into my closet now and am so appreciative of how quick they were able to make it happen.

~ Kara, Encinitas

Client Case Study

In the spring of 2021 we had the chance to work with our client Ashleigh for the second time. During our first session, we decluttered and transformed the master closet entirely.

For our second session, Ashleigh knew she wanted to tackle her hall closet, but neither of us were aware that this project would also end up involving the garage, other storage closets, and the kitchen pantry. But sometimes it works like that.

Prior to our arrival, this hall closet was a catch all for random things: catering trays and disposable food ware, coats, board games, extra water jugs, dog food, shipping boxes, DVDs and a handful of other miscellaneous items. Aside from the dog food, which she’d access on a daily basis, nothing else in the closet was needed on a daily or even weekly basis.

The first step, as it always is, was to purge things that are no longer needed.

With the closet conveniently located close to the kitchen, I initially considered using this closet as a backup pantry and an area for their cleaning supplies. But after some further questioning, we realized, they don’t keep much extra food on hand, so an additional pantry wouldn’t make sense. And they have a cleaner come on a weekly basis who brings her own cleaning supplies, so no use wasting this space for cleaning supplies that wouldn’t even get used.

The Result

I thought back to our first session and something Ashleigh shared with me in the beginning. She said the living room always felt cluttered because her one and a half year old son’s toys were always all over the place.

So I suggested we designate the closet entirely to her son. We could store his books, some of his larger toys, and even his snacks in there for easy access. My client loved this idea.

There’s evidence that shows that when kids have access to more toys at one time, they may touch more toys, but their engagement is lower. By putting all of my client’s kid’s toys in and books in the closet (with a child lock on it), it would allow them to make play time more of a ritual. One that involves selecting the books he’d want to read and toys he’d want to play with in a given time frame.

The afterglow

After we finished the project, my client texted me that night saying her son loved picking out his toys. This was a huge success.

So what did we do with what was in the closet beforehand?

The jackets moved to another hall closet that’s almost entirely designated to coats and outerwear. The cleaning supplies moved to the cleaning closet, near the laundry area. The dog food moved outside (where the dogs get fed). And the rest have a new home in the garage.

What we’ll do

It’s time to get your closet organized by professionals if… It’s hard to get dressed in the morning, you’re often wondering where your favorite article of clothing is, your closet is full of clothes but it feels like you have nothing to wear, or even after organizing it, maintaining the organization seems impossible.

Our team of bedroom and closet organization specialists will make sure you actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning. We will declutter, sort, categorize, and organize your clothes in a way that makes sense with your lifestyle. We’ll also teach you how to file-fold your clothes so it’s easy to see what you have and keep things organized.

BONUS: Custom Closets

We’ve teamed up with a local closet design specialist who will design the perfect closet tailored specifically for your needs. She will assess your belongings, your existing closet, and then design it to maximize all of the available space. Her services include: project management from beginning to end; on-site assessment with professional measurements, closet inventory and design consultation; professional design renderings; design revisions; order placement; and installation coordination.