Do you need help decluttering your house? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter that surrounds you? Is it difficult for you to focus in your home office? Is it hard to settle down at the end of the day or sleep through the night? Do you want to get organized but know you need help decluttering your house first?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Ready Set Organize offers a range of decluttering, organizing, packing, unpacking, and downsizing services in San Diego.

women helping to declutter your house

What’s the difference between decluttering and organizing?

You might be wondering: what’s the difference between decluttering and organizing?

Decluttering is one step of any organizing project. As professional organizers, our goal is to help create s p a c e in our clients’ homes. Our five step process is easy to remember if you think of the acronym “SPACE”.

S = sort

P = purge

A = assign remaining contents a home and a…

C = container

E = enjoy + evaluate

After we’ve sorted everything into broad categories, we purge or declutter. I often explain to potential clients that the decluttering or purging portion can be the hardest step in the process, thus the reason to hire decluttering help.

Nearly anyone can learn how to group “like” or similar items together (step 1). And just about anyone can figure out one ideal home for each grouping of items (step 3). But many people will get stuck when determining what to declutter or get rid of (step 2). That’s where we come in.

Why hire help to declutter your home?

Decluttering your home can be an emotional process. Why? Because many of our belongings are tied to a particular time, event, or person in your life. It might feel hard to part with certain belongings because you worry if you let it go, you’ll lose that memory, person, or time in your life. But it’s important to remember that while physical belongings may stimulate memories, your memories are not lost when you declutter the physical item.

It can be immensely valuable to get help when decluttering your home. A neutral party can help you better understand your relationship to your belongings by asking the right questions. And ultimately, help you figure out what to keep and what to part with.

We’re the Decluttering Help You Need

We understand that everyone’s relationship to their belongings is just as they are, unique. Whether you simply need the accountability of having someone there to help go through all and declutter your belongings, or want a full service solution where we buy and implement organizing products for your space, our team in San Diego can help you declutter and organize your home.

Decluttering Rules to Live By

Without getting into the specifics of what to declutter in each room (more on that in a future post), here are some decluttering rules I live by. 

You have my full permission to let go of:

  • Things that don’t make you feel your best
  • Clothes and shoes that don’t fit
  • Anything in your wardrobe with stains or holes
  • Items that no longer align with your current lifestyle or passions
  • Gifts you received that you don’t even like
  • Any guilt you might be holding on to for letting go of said gifts^
  • A scarcity mindset that may be preventing you from letting go of physical items because you “might need them one day”

Ready to finally love the space you’re in? It’s time to declutter and get organized. Start by filling out this form, then we’ll reach out to set up a phone consultation. We look forward to serving you!