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Looking for an unpacking and organizing service in San Diego that will get you settled into your new home in a fraction of the time?

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You’ve just found the one.

We’ve been in business since May 2021 have worked with more than 150 clients.

We’ve done countless packing and unpacking jobs. And we’ve organized homes ranging from 500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. No project too big or too small for us to tackle!

Read what one of our San Diego move-in clients has to say about our unpacking and organizing service…

Stop looking and hire this team!! First off, Sarah was the most responsive of 5 organizers I called. Her team came and worked on unboxing and organizing our new home over the course of two days. They are efficient, can work with very little guidance, and are extremely thoughtful. What would have taken me weeks took this team of four 2 DAYS. They unpacked and organized my entire kitchen, pantry and refrigerator. The spice cabinet alone was a masterpiece. Then they helped us organize the family room where all the toys would be. They had extra time so they set up my back patio, unpacked and organized our walk-in closet (even arranged everything by color!), and by the end of the two days I have maybe 8 boxes left to unpack.

Seriously, I am blown away by their work and so incredibly happy I hired them. Making this investment was really an incredible return. I got weeks of my life back and now have a beautiful home to show for it, just 3 days after move-in.

Sam, San Diego
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