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Professional Organizers in San Diego County, CA

Streamline your space and simplify your life with our expert organizing services, tailored to meet the unique needs of San Diego County residents.


Expert Home Organizing Services in San Diego County, CA​

From cluttered rooms to streamlined spaces, our experienced team offers personalized solutions to bring order and efficiency to every corner of your home.

Home Organizing

Transform your home into a haven of order and tranquility. Our professional organizers specialize in creating functional and pleasing spaces.

Decluttering services in San Diego County, CA


Reclaim your space with our expert decluttering services. We help you sort, organize, and remove what you don’t need.

Packing and unpacking services in San Diego County, CA

Packing & Unpacking

Moving made easy with our packing and unpacking services. Trust our expert team to carefully handle your belongings.

Home organized in San Diego County, CA

Kitchen Organization

Transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space with our comprehensive Kitchen Organization Services.

Declutterred space by Ready Set Organize

Garage Organization

Maximize the potential of your garage with our Garage Organization Services. Let us transform your garage into a neat, functional, and organized space.

Pantry Organization

Enhance the functionality of your pantry with our specialized Pantry Organization. We focus on creating a well-organized pantry space.

About Us

Ready. Set. Organize.

I love transforming disorder into a functional space. What is most inspiring, though, is the transformation I see in my clients. They tell me they are sleeping better, have more respect for themselves, and are performing better at work. All because of simple changes in their physical environment in San Diego County, CA.

I’ve always been an organized person myself, but it wasn’t until a few years ago I started helping friends declutter and organize their own spaces. Realizing that transforming one’s environment leads to much greater and more consequential transformation, I was hooked.


See Why San Diego County Residents Choose Us

Kylie Transki
Kylie Transki
Cannot recommend them enough! Sarah & the team were very communicative and literally GAME CHANGING for our business. Our supply closet was a mess & it’s now a fully operational space that helps us run the business on a day to day basis with much more efficiency!
Susan Grant Legacki
Susan Grant Legacki
Sarah's team did a FANTASTIC job with me and my husband's closets. They created a clear organizational system that is easy for us to follow so the closets are remaining nice and organized!
John Brand
John Brand
I just moved downsizing from a large house to a one bedroom place. I was making very slow progress sorting and unpacking. I checked out Redy, Set Organize and decided to give them a try. I was able to get an appointment quickly. Sarah and Kyle arrived and they clearly knew just how to ccomplete my move in while sorting thing into 3 groups: keepers, donations, and trash. They had good instincts for what best goes where. In a few hours I was all moved in and organized beautifully. I highly reccomend them.
Anthony Hilgers
Anthony Hilgers
Went from complete clutter to complete organization. Impactful on life & work (peace of mind and more productive with work and home life). Will add photos at a later date.
We were drowning and the team helped us put systems in place that are still going strong six months later:)
Kayleigh Torres
Kayleigh Torres
I loved this place! They were so easily to work with and Sarah specifically honored all my needs and took charge of what caused me the most stress! Our playroom functions so much better. Would 1000% recommend them and can’t wait for them to help me with my next project!!
Lacey Jae
Lacey Jae
Working with Sarah and her team was absolutely incredible. They were so helpful in organizing my craft room, office, and spare room and helped me really pair down what I needed. They labeled everything and even came with different containers and organizers to help keep things tidy. If you’re on the fence try them out for a small job and you’ll surely book again for more!
Kirsten Skala
Kirsten Skala
Sarah and her team were very responsive, professional and quick. Its been almost a year since she helped us unpack/organize several rooms and we still use her methods today because they were well thought out and super functional.
Ashlee Barkley
Ashlee Barkley
having my garage organized by professionals was the best experience. the girls that showed up were fast, efficient and so friendly! flavia & nicole were truly the best x
Amy McDermott
Amy McDermott
This review is a long time coming, but I cannot say enough amazing things about Sarah and her stellar team of ladies. I have always wanted to hire someone to help me organize my home, but was embarrassed and overwhelmed at the idea of letting someone in to my personal space to help. I gave in when I was pregnant and overwhelmed with where to start decluttering prior to our baby’s arrival. I reached out to Sarah for a consultation to first do my garage. She and her team came in, took everything out, helped sort, organize, purge and donate. These ladies work HARD and efficiently and are very helpful in helping you decide what to keep / donate. The garage (which would have taken me days), took them mere hours. As soon as it was done I immediately booked them to come back and help with my kitchen, pantry, laundry and living spaces. I cannot recommend Sarah and her team enough. They helped me create spaces & homes for things, so it was easier to put items away. They labeled everything so its easy to find. They took time to look at what I had, took my input, and helped suggest different organizing plans, or how to better utilize my space. 100% will utilize Sarah again, and will happily refer her to anyone and everyone I know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in professional organizing services not only saves you time but also reduces stress by creating a more functional living environment. Our clients often find that the cost is outweighed by the benefits of increased productivity and a more peaceful home.

We prefer our clients to be engaged during the process. The more input you are able to provide, the more efficient we will be. It’s especially tough for us to do the purging and paring down portion without your involvement. If you’re uncertain about whether or not you should keep an item, we will ask questions and help guide you to a place where you can confidently make a decision.

There’s no right or wrong time to get a professional organizer involved in simplifying your personal or professional spaces. If you don’t feel relaxed at home, or if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and unproductive, a professional organizer can bring the order and systems you need to get back on track. Many clients work with us during a big life change (birth of a child, moving homes, after the loss of a loved one, etc.). These big life changes can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety, and it can be helpful to have professionals to guide and support you during these transitions.

We’re glad to incorporate your product if it suits our space and system effectively. If it’s unsuitable for a specific area, we’ll suggest alternative uses (for instance, a bin that doesn’t fit in the pantry might be ideal for the bathroom). Additionally, we can supplement the space with organizing products that we provide, ensuring the best utilization of every area.

We typically book about 2-3 weeks in advance. That being said, occasionally we have an opening for a smaller project sooner. If you have a move project that requires specific dates please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can reserve those dates for you.

We require a signed agreement and a 3-hour deposit to hold a date.

Absolutely. We love moves! We think moves are the best time to work with professional organizers because you can get your home set up right from the beginning. Many clients rejoice that what may have taken them months took our team just a few days to accomplish!

Our process follows the SPACE method. We generally try to follow this process whenever it suits the project. SPACE stands for: 

S = sort

P = purge/pare down

A = assign remaining contents a home

C = contain and label

E = evaluate

We understand the sentimental value of items, and we never pressure clients to discard belongings. If you are on the fence about an item, we encourage you to keep it now and revisit it later. We’ll spend our time identifying items that are easier to part with and optimizing your space.