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Achieve a Well Organized Garage with these Storage Solutions

Prepare to tackle your cluttered garage and transform it into an impeccably organized garage with these storage solutions. Before you begin, remember this essential step: start by clearing everything out. It’s easy to become clutter blind if we don’t start with fresh slate.

Arrange tables on your driveway and assemble an array of small boxes and bins at your disposal. It can be helpful to hang on to your Amazon boxes a few weeks in advance! We use these boxes to contain our donations.


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To streamline the sorting process, get some box cutters to disassemble old boxes that you’ve emptied out (or use these boxes for donations and giveaways). Also pick up some large storage bins to categorize your smaller items. We love these garage bins from Home Depot because they stack nicely but get whatever matching bins interest you the most. Some people like clear bins. It’s just a personal preference. Visualize these bins as homes for each item. And don’t overlook the need for large contractor bags for trash or items that are not able to be donated. You’ll have more trash than you’re likely expecting. 

Once you’ve cleared out the garage, measure the dimensions and map out a plan for where different categories of items will live. Now, let’s introduce you to innovative solutions for garage storage that will redefine your space. Here’s a summary of the best options available:

Innovative Garage Storage Solutions

Wall-Mounted Shelving Units

These units are a game-changer, utilizing vertical wall space to maximize storage. Opt for wood or metal shelves capable of accommodating tools, boxes, and sports gear. Similar to kitchen cabinets, these units should be securely attached to the wall using screws and brackets.  They’re perfect for storing lower value items that don’t require a lot of protection in a non-temperature controlled garage.

Overhead Storage Racks

A recent addition to garage solutions, these racks are perfect for long-term storage, optimizing the space above, even when your vehicle is parked. Ensure the mounting screws are anchored safely into ceiling studs to prevent any unforeseen damage. Hire a professional if you don’t have a lot of experience mounting hardware to walls and ceilings. Our favorite company for overhead racks here in San Diego is Good Garage

Pegboards for Tool Organization


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 Once you mount pegboards in your garage, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. These boards, with spaced holes, facilitate the hanging of hooks, pegs, and attachments for easy tool access. Many modern workbenches come equipped with these boards, and steel pegboards are more durable than particle board alternatives that will deteriorate in extreme heat or humid conditions.

Stackable Storage Bins

For small items, stackable plastic storage bins are your best storage solution.  Perfect for categorizing belongings, small clear shoebox-sized bins are ideal for lightweight items, while heavy-duty options like the Home Depot HDX line are suitable for bulkier storage. The lids align when stacked, allowing you to stack with confidence.

Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic holders keep your tools organized on walls for quick access to frequently used hand tools. No more searching through a messy toolbox! These holders are perfect for metal wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and other frequently used tools. They can even be used to hold small metal hardware.

Sturdy Hooks and Hangers 


We love using these garage hooks for hanging brooms, chairs, and more.

Opt for heavy-duty hooks to hang items securely. Brands like Rubbermaid and Ryobi offer versatile systems catering to various items, from rakes and brooms to bicycles. The various mounting hooks that they utilize allow you to change out the right hanger option to fit your needs, so you can change them over time.

Standalone Storage Cabinets 

Elevate your garage organization with specialized storage cabinets, offering closed storage to safeguard belongings from dust and chemicals while maintaining a tidy appearance. Companies like Classy Closets and Organizing Solutions of San Diego offer high-end cabinets that look amazing and are designed to fit your required dimensions.

Setup of a Workbench

A workbench is essential, especially for those who spend hours tinkering. Modern workbenches come with built-in electrical outlets, USB ports, LED lights, and stainless steel easy-glide doors. They also feature easy glide cabinets that you find in most modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Utilize Tool Chests


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A solid tool chest benefits everyone, whether a DIY enthusiast or not. These chests optimize space with varying drawer depths and additional space for larger tools. Larger units offer a large work space on top that is great for projects whether you have a work bench or not.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

 Extend the convenience of wall-mounted cabinets to your garage, using them to store automotive fluids and cleaning supplies, adding a touch of organization. These are usually smaller units that can be bolted to the wall above a workbench or tool chest.

Remember, the best garage organization products should align with your specific requirements, available space, and budget. Assess your garage’s needs and design an organization system accordingly. Opt for reputable brands that offer quality, given the harsh conditions garages endure. Should you seek professional assistance with organizing your garage or any space, contact us today.

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